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Ready to Work Model

A revolutionary new concept in workforce development...

Ready to Work is a brand new recruiting and job placement service aimed at developing and connecting qualified talent to local jobs. Our end-to-end job training and qualification programs ensure your organization can access the right candidates, with the right skills for exactly the jobs you have open.

Ready to Work recruits start with free job training in specific areas like Medical Assistant, Surgical Technician and other in-demand areas. Once they prove themselves in the traditional instruction, they'll meet us for in-depth, hands-on lab sessions offered in the local area. All Candidates will leverage our exclusive online platform, CampusEd®, where they'll create a professional online profile to collect digital badges that certify to employers that they've earned the skills you need to build your team. Finally, all Ready to Work recruits complete the soft skills training and pre-employment screening required for successful placement.

Backed by higher education and workforce development experts with over 50 years of collective experience in this space, Ready to Work is aimed at wholly disrupting education and job placement services for both workers and employers. Workers want jobs. You need workers. Let's make it easier to connect the dots.

Connecting Learners to Jobs. Quickly.

With the highest demand for workers in decades, we understand your organization needs staff -- now.
We've designed our program to get learners in to training and placed with your organization in 3-4 weeks.
Our flexible online and local training solutions allow candidates to get through the program and prepare for work in record time.

Complete the Online Training

Dive into the most comprehensive online, self-paced programming available for healthcare. Successful candidates will earn a certificate of completion from the participating university and be prepared to challenge the national certification exam in the selected discipline.


Come to Labs

Join us for live, hands-on lab sessions in your local area. Our seasoned instructors will walk you through all of the essential skills you need for success on the job starting. You'll join other local  recruits and complete the comprehensive skills checklist to make sure you're ready on day one.


Prepare for Placement

Recruits will develop an online profile and resume to showcase a series of digital badges and achievements to certify they've earned skills employers want to build their teams. Adding soft skills training and pre-employment screening, and candidates are ready for placement.


How do we do it?

Through a series of integrated checkpoints built into our learning paths, coupled with intensive outreach and support from our Learner Support and Placement Teams, you can be confident you’re getting the most motivated, qualified candidates to build your team.

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Check out our work so far...

Ready to Work may be a new program, but we have the experience, infrastructure, partnerships and success to back it up.


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What really sets us apart?

Local, Hands-On Lab Instruction

Candidates will schedule live, hands-on lab sessions, held locally with instructors to ensure they’re prepared for work on day one with the practical skills they’ll need for success on the job. Lab exercises can be completed in 2 to 6 days. (Lab days depend on selected program.)

See below for additional information on labs candidates will complete in each program.

Candidates in this program will complete the following lab exercises for evaluation:


  • Hand Hygiene, Donning and Removing PPE
  • Sanitizing Instruments
  • Vital Signs: Temperature with Digital Thermometer
  • Vital Signs: Pulse and Respiratory Rate
  • Vital Signs: Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Anthropometric Measurements
  • Documenting Patient Information
  • Patient Communication
  • Proper Body Mechanics
  • Patient Positions
  • Assisting Provider with Patient Exam
  • Patient Coaching Role Play


  • Preparing a Prescription
  • Calculating Medication Dosages
  • Administering Oral Medications
  • Preparing Medication from an Ampule
  • Preparing Medication Using a Prefilled Sterile Cartridge
  • Preparing Medication from a Vial
  • Reconstituting Powdered Medication
  • Mixing Two Insulins
  • Administering an Intradermal Injection
  • Administering a Subcutaneous Injection
  • Administering an Intramuscular Injection
  • Administering an Intramuscular Injection Using the Z-Track Technique


  • Measuring Distance Visual Acuity
  • Assessing Color Acuity Using the Ishihara Test
  • Measuring Hearing Acuity with an Audiometer
  • Irrigating a Patient’s Eye
  • Instilling Eye Medication
  • Irrigating a Patient’s Ear
  • Instilling Eardrops
  • Performing a Patient Screening
  • Patient Coaching: Guaiac Fecal Occult Blood Test and Hemoccult Card
  • Patient Coaching: Colonoscopy
  • Throat Culture
  • Assisting with Cast Application/Cast Removal
  • Applying Cold/Hot Packs
  • Patient Coaching: Use of Ambulatory Assistive Devices


  • Performing a Monofilament Foot Exam
  • Measuring Orthostatic Vital Signs
  • Pulmonary Testing: Measuring the Peak Flow Rate/Spirometry Testing
  • Administering a Nebulizer Treatment
  • Administering Oxygen
  • Patient Coaching: Testicular Self-Exam
  • Assisting with Gynecological Exam
  • Patient Coaching: Breast Self-Exam
  • Measuring Infant Anthropometrics
  • Sensorimotor Changes of Aging


  • Instrument and Supplies Sterilization in Autoclave
  • Skin Prep for Surgery
  • Surgical Hand Scrub and Gloving
  • Sterile Field and Sterile Tray Setup
  • Assist with Minor Surgery
  • Sterile Dressing Application
  • Removal of Sutures/Staples


  • Electronic Health Record: Units 1-5 EHRM Simulations


  • Evaluating the Laboratory Environment and Laboratory Tour
  • Urine Specimen Collection
  • Urine Testing


  • Venipuncture – Vacuum Tube/Syringe/Safety Winged Butterfly Methods
  • Capillary Puncture
  • Blood Glucose Test
  • Blood Analysis Demonstration


  • Assisting with an EKG Procedure
  • Applying a Holter Monitor

Candidates in this program will complete the following lab exercises for evaluation:


  • Translating a Medical Record
  • Translating a Prescription
  • Translating a Medication Order
  • Checking a Prescription for Completeness
  • Counting Oral Medication in a Community Pharmacy Setting
  • Filling a Medication Order
  • Unit-Dosing and Repackaging
  • Withdrawing Medication from a Vial or Glass Ampule
  • Transferring Liquid into an IV Bag
  • Cefazolin
  • Intropin
  • Product Pricing
  • Profitability

Candidates in this program will complete the following lab exercises for evaluation:


  • Hand Hygiene, Donning and Removing PPE
  • Vital Signs: Temperature with Digital Thermometer
  • Vital Signs: Pulse and Respiratory Rate
  • Vital Signs: Blood Pressure
  • Preparing for the Patient Encounter
  • Hand Hygiene with Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer and Gloving
  • Basic Patient Identification


  • Use of a Tourniquet and Vein Palpation
  • Decontamination of the Puncture Site
  • Performing a Venipuncture Using the Evacuated Tube Method
  • Venipuncture Using Syringe Method
  • Hand Vein Venipuncture Using a Winged Infusion/Butterfly Set
  • Acquiring a Capillary Blood Specimen (Skin Puncture) Using a Retractable Safety Device
  • Obtaining Blood Specimen for Glucose Testing
  • Heel Stick Procedure
  • Collection for Capillary Blood for Neonatal Screening
  • Procedure for Central Venous Catheter Blood Collection
  • Procedure for Heparin or Saline Lock Blood Collection
  • Modified Allen Test
  • Radial ABG Procedure
  • Collection for Capillary Blood Gas Testing
  • Site Preparation for Blood Culture Collection
  • Safety Syringe Blood Culture Collection
  • Safety Butterfly Assembly Blood Culture Collection
  • Evacuated Tube System for Blood Culture Collection
  • Blood Smears/Films for Microscopic Slides


  • Clean-Catch Midstream Urine Collection Instructions for WOMEN
  • Clean-Catch Midstream Urine Collection Instructions for MEN
  • Collecting a 24-Hour Urine Specimen
  • Collecting a Sputum Specimen
  • Collecting a Throat Swab for Culture

Candidates in this program will complete the following lab exercises for evaluation:


  • Communications Problem-Solving
  • General Anatomy and Physiology
  • Head and Neck Anatomy Lab
  • Face and Oral Cavity


  • Oral Embryology and Histology
  • Tooth Morphology
  • Tooth Identification and Dentition Lab


  • Hand Washing Procedures
  • Donning and Removing PPE


  • Vital Signs
  • Performing the ABCs of CPR
  • Managing an Obstructed Airway


  • Disclosing Dental Plaque
  • Instruction in Tooth Brushing and Flossing
  • Instruction in Oral Nutrition Using ChooseMyPlate


  • Dental Office Identification
  • Dental Instrument Identification
  • Muscle Strengthening Exercises
  • Handling and Transferring Instruments
  • Placing the High-Volume Evacuator Tips and Saliva Ejectors
  • Placing and Removing a Dental Dam
  • Performing Coronal Polish


  • Radiographs


  • Mixing ZOE Cement
  • Preparing the Matrix System
  • Placing and Removing Retainer, Matrix Band, and Wedge for a Class II Restoration
  • Obtaining an Alginate Impression


  • Orthodontics Instruments
  • Endodontic Instruments
  • Periodontal Procedure Instruments


  • Oral Surgery Instruments
  • Surgical Scrub
  • Donning Surgical Gloves

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In-Depth, Virtual Simulators

Candidates unable to participate in local lab sessions still have the opportunity to complete in-depth skills practice through our virtual simulators. These online activities will ensure candidates have a deep understanding of the practical skills needed for success on the job.

Online Virtual Simulators


Candidates will have multiple options to complete practical skills training as part of the Ready to Work program.